How Many Pages in 1500 Words

How many double spaced pages are there in a 1500 words academic research paper?

Writing is an inevitable part of the academic journey; It is vital in the educational process. The modern education system focuses solely on assignments.
Academic essay assignments are an eyesore for students, but 1500 word essays on how many pages importance cannot be neglected.

8 Barriers to a Personal Development of a Student

Personal development can be loosely referred to as personality. Optimum personal development enables student to think rationally and motivates student to achieve his goals and dreams. It defines the student’s personality. Personal development of student is threatened if there are obstacles in the way of normal growth (physical and psychological). 8 barriers to the personal development of a student are discussed in this article.

Creative Writing Techniques & Tips

According to Voltaire;

       “Writing is the painting of voice

Well said! So does what creative writing is about, the painting of such a voice that directly the lands into reader’s mind and leave an everlasting impression. You might have read thousands of – how to – posts on good writing techniques,

Improving brand recognition

Statistics show that the number of businesses making use of social media marketing is increasing rapidly. Many of these businesses claim that they have benefited greatly by utilizing this marketing channel. But some marketers are still struggling to find ways in which they can make the most out of social media. There is no doubt about the fact that social media marketing carries a huge potential to help drive up sales and maximize profits.

Learning About the Audience

Social media allow businesses to share content with countless followers simultaneously. With the passage of time, businesses all over the world – both small and large, have started believing in and making use of the benefits that this amazing platform presents to them. But there are still such businesses out there that are skeptical about the advantages of utilizing social media for their growth.